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Carlotz - Tampa

801 E Bearss AvenueTampa, FL 33613
Specializing in:Autos
Language(s): English only
Additional Services: Auction Disposal, Detailing, Financing, Mechanical repairs, Reconditioning, Retail Remarketing, State Inspection, Title Service, and Trade-Ins
Hours of Operation: Mon-Sat 9:00AM - 7:00PM
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About Us

CarLotz was founded out of frustration with a broken system. If you wanted to buy or sell a car, you could either take the easy way and lose your shirt with a dealership or the hard way and do it all yourself. Whichever way you went, you had to be prepared for headaches and hassles and that simply wasn’t good enough. Our innovative model puts the value back in the hands of our guests. Sellers get what their car is worth without the hassle of selling it themselves, and our buyers pay below traditional dealership prices.

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