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Preferred Motors

14513 N Nebraska Ave Suite 109Tampa, FL 33613
Specializing in:AutosExoticsMotorcycles
Language(s): English only
About Us

Let Us Sell Your Car For You! ** No waiting around for a potential customer that never shows ** No strangers visiting your home ** No hassle providing each person who calls with details on your car ** No haggling with customers on price ** No hassle with personal checks and funding issues Top Reasons Why Our Customers Use PREFERRED MOTORS To Provide These Services: ** Reputation ** We have 100% positive customer feedback selling vehicles locally, throughout Florida, within the U.S. & Canada and Internationally. Unlimited Marketing Our target market does not stop within our local area or even just the U.S. The world is our market, providing our customers with unlimited access to buyers around the world. Fair Pricing/Validated Price Analysis PREFERRED MOTORS will give you fair market value for your car. Do not settle for below market value that the average dealer will offer! Our analytics software allows us to compare your car to every car on Ebay and Autotrader and offer you real-time market value on your vehicle. Experience These services are not new to our business. PREFERRED MOTORS is seasoned in handling domestic and international transactions making this a seamless process for the seller and the buyer.

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