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Consignment Testimonials

"I put my Mercedes on consignment and they handled all the details and managed all potential buyers & offers. Not only did they make it incredibly easy, they got me $5000 more than a Mercedes dealer offered and $3000 more than CarMax." 🚘

"Lets begin! I am disabled, and I had two vehicles to sell. Many friends had enthusiastically offered me sub-wholesale prices for both vehicles, assuming my stroke left me non-cognitive as well. With my physical limitations I could not show or even climb into the GMC Sierra 3500 I had to sell.  Also, when you have a speech impediment, people think you are dumb! So I called a consignment dealer to sell both vehicles for me. They were extremely professional and knowledgeable about the car industry! In less than 3 days they sold vehicle #1 (Honda CR-V) for more than I had envisioned! On my big truck, it took them less than 3 weeks to sell it and for $6,500 more than my so-called friends offered. The dealer kept me well informed of the entire process. I got to make all the decisions and they did all the work for a very reasonable price!!! Once they sold each car for me,  they paid me very fast! I would strongly give them and car consignment two thumbs up!"  πŸ‘πŸ‘

"I was just telling my wife last night how grateful I am not to have to do the leg work, I really appreciate you!"  

"Thank you so much for selling our 3000GT. It was a very hard time for our family so we consigned one of our older vehicles to sell. It was such an easy process and you sold it really fast. I appreciate the dealer's professionalism and will always come back when we sell another vehicle. You made this such an amazing experience."  ❀

"I used to consign my vehicle and their dealer sold my car in 6 days. I got $2,000 more than a dealer offered.  It was such an easy process! I am so impressed and glad I made the choice to consign my car rather than trading it in or selling it myself! They kept me updated throughout the process and were very responsive. I would highly recommend RetailMyRide and consignment if you are hoping to sell a car."   πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

"Sterling Motors, Inc. made selling my classic car so hassle-free for me and my family. We got more for it than we thought we would and John is extremely knowledgeable and sure does know what he is doing!"  🚘  Learn more about Sterling Motors

"East Peoria Motors did a fantastic job selling my SUV. All the work was done for me, they negotiated a fair price, and were super helpful! I would highly recommend them."  🚘  Learn more about East Peoria Motors

"For our selling customers, consignment offers an alternative option to trade-in and an opportunity to get more money for their car without the hassles of selling it. Read full article from dealer

"Thanks for all your help. We will do it again on the next one."  🚘

"Thanks again for selling the Envoy!  It was a very easy process and you sold it quickly."  🚘

"Using consignment was the best decision I made when it was time to sell my 1963 Studebaker Avanti.  The consignment dealer sold it for more than I thought I could get for it and they took care of everythng, including shipping it from Texas to the buyer in Michigan."  🚘

"I had grand dad's 1966 Ranchero in my garage for many years after he died. I didnt know the best way to finally sell it or what it was worth and I definitely didn't want to get involved with selling it myself. I found a dealer in my area that does consignments and they took care of everything for us. They sold it in 10 days and I received more than the classic car guide book said it was worth. Finding that consignment dealer to sell grand dad's cherished 1966 Ranchero was a real blessing."  🚘

"I will certainly use consignment again and I recommend it to others for sure. Thanks again for everything. It was a huge convenience for me."  🚘

"Just sold my 2nd car using a professional consignment service and I'm definitely hooked. I will never sell another car myself or get shorted by a trade-in offer at a traditional dealership.  My Mercedes sold in 38 days and I got $2,100 more than the next best cash offer from a national car dealer chain.  I've been telling all of my family and friends about it too. Wish I knew about consignment dealers a long time ago."  🚘

"The best selling experience I've ever had. Was very easy and I didn't have to do any of the work with my busy schedule. You will never, I repeat never get a fair trade in value at any dealer, trade ins are a ripoff and scam in my opinion. Get the money and value out of your vehicle. Give a chance to prove to you, you don't have to settle for less."  🚘

"I am so glad I found you. If it wasn't for you guys, I'd probably still be trying to sell that RV myself. I enjoyed working with you."  🚘

"Wish I had another car for you to help me sell. I've told several people about your consignment service and will continue to do so. Thanks for the Great service again."  🚘

"I will definitely be telling my friends and family about car consignment."  🚘

"I can't believe how quick you got it sold and for more money than I was expecting. They made it really easy, as advertised. Thank you."  🚘

"Awesome service and very pleased with results. It couldn't have been any easier. They took care of everything as promised, and I pocketed $3,200 more than CarMax offered me."  🚘

"Great unique service that provides high value. Takes the hassle out of selling a used car at fair value. They took care of everything and were professional and timely with updates. Would highly recommend consignment to everyone."  🚘

"I've sold several vehicles using a consignment program over the past few years.  If you've got a little time, you'll get several thousand more than you would on a typical trade-in or when selling a car yourself as a private seller, which is a real pain.  If you've got solid maintenance records, it'll sell even faster. Consignment dealers handle all the flaky buyers, test drives, financing (if necessary), and sends all the reasonable offers your way.  I couldn't be happier selling vehicles any other way."  🚘

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