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Selling Your Car, RV, or Motorcycle: Why Choose Consignment?

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The top reason for choosing auto consignment is Value. Sell your auto, RV, or motorcycle faster and get more money.

  • The Average Gain you can expect by using retail auto consignment instead of accepting dealer trade-in or wholesale cash offers is 15-35%
  • A Consignment Pro (dealership) can usually sell your car, RV, or motorcycle faster than you can. That saves you money on things like insurance coverage and additional depreciation
  • With retail auto consignment you will also save on selling costs versus selling it yourself for things like multiple website listings, classified ads, vehicle history reports. These costs are usually included in the consignment enrollment fees or commissions.


Selling an auto, RV, or motorcycle is no easy task. It takes industry knowledge, training, skills, passion and vast resources to get it done right and maximize resale dollars. Consignment Pros (dealerships) are experts in:

  • Vehicle appraisals
  • Vehicle preparation and reconditioning
  • Market pricing
  • Digital advertising, marketing and social media
  • Negotiations with prospective buyers
  • Buyer trade-ins
  • Buyer financing
  • Mechanical warranties
  • Title transfers and registration
  • Transport and shipping


When you sell your car, RV, or motorcycle on consignment, you eliminate the risks and hazards associated with selling it yourself:

  • No strangers coming to your home or work
  • No taking test drives with strangers or allowing them to test drive it alone
  • Avoid money scams and fraud
  • Proper transfer of ownership after the sale
  • Avoid identity theft
  • Eliminate product and seller liability


Most people greatly underestimate the time and hassles of selling a vehicle themselves. The consignment option is clearly the smart way to sell your vehicle because you get top dollar AND it frees up your time and eliminates these common private party sale hassles:

  • Receiving and returning phone calls, texts and email inquiries 24/7
  • Sifting through unqualified shoppers, scammers, low-ballers and tire kickers
  • Unwanted solicitations from web surfers
  • Setting appointment times
  • Appointment "No-shows"
  • Keeping it clean for showings and test drives
  • Test drives
  • Buyer requests for maintenance records and mechanical inspection
  • Negotiating and haggling price
  • Verifying buyer finds
  • Completing title transfer forms correctly

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