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What Costs Are Associated With Using a Consignment Dealer to Sell My Vehicle?

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Consignment Services

Each retail car dealership offers and prices their services a little differently, but generally there are two types of fees involved with selling your car for you on consignment:

1 - Enrollment fee

A small amount you pay upfront to cover the initial cost of inspecting, preparing, photographing, and listing your vehicle. Usually ranges from $0 to $250.

2 - Commission fee

This is earned and paid to the consignment dealer only when your vehicle sells.  Consignment dealers usually determine the commission amount by using one of these most common methods:

  1. Flat - usually between $500 - $2,500, or
  2. Percent - based on % of final sale price of vehicle. You have final say on buyer offers, or
  3. Above & Beyond - the consignment dealer earns anything above a pre-determined, agreed amount that you will receive from the sale. For example: If agreed amount = $10,000, list price = $11,500, and final sale price = $11,000, then you receive the agreed $10,000 and Consignment Pro earns $1,000 commission. The consignment dealer has final say on buyer offers

Additional Services

Most dealerships also offer a la carte services at additional cost if you want them to enhance the resale value of your vehicle and reinforce your higher retail asking price. These services include but are not limited to detailing, reconditioning, windshield repair, leather repair, dent repair, paint touchup, scheduled maintenance, new battery, new tires, and others. Your dealer may also suggest special targeted advertising listings for unique and customized vehicles.

Documentation of Services, Fees, and Vehicle Pricing

It is important to discuss vehicle pricing, fees, and commission expectations with your consignment dealer. Be sure to include the agreed upon terms in the written consignment agreement signed during the enrollment process. This will avoid any surprises and make your selling experience go smoothly.

How to Use Retail My Ride

Use Retail My Ride to Find & Connect with one of our trusted network dealerships specializing in selling your type of vehicle on consignment.  Then, take your vehicle to the dealership to discuss their specific program requirements, and obtain a free, no-obligation appraisal.  You can search by Zip code, City, County, State, and filter your search by vehicle type, including Cars, Trucks, SUVs, Vans, Classics, Exotics, Antiques, Custom/Mods, Wheelchair accessible, Commerical.

You can also request a free no-obligation quote and consultation by one of our consignment experts at Retail My Ride before being connected to your local network dealership.

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