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20-Step Checklist for Selling a Car, Motorcycle, or RV: Up to the challenge?

Checklist for selling a car, motorcycle, or RV

Are you up to the challenge of selling your ride on your own?  Here's a list of what you will need to handle during the process:

  • Market Analysis and pricing strategy
  • ASE Certified, Multi-point Mechanical Inspection
  • Vehicle History report
  • Detailing and Reconditioning
  • State Inspection if required
  • High-quality Photo Shoot
  • Professional Ad Content
  • Multiple listings across web and/or traditional print media
  • Vehicle Display Space
  • Prospect Inquiries and Appointments
  • Schedule and supervise Test Drives
  • Buyer Requests for 3rd party vehicle inspections
  • Negotiations and haggling.
  • Provide or Work with Financing Sources.
  • Vehicle Delivery and Arrange Transport if needed
  • Complete all required state Sale Forms
  • Verify Buyer Funds
  • Payoff Loans, Obtain Title, and Lien Release if applicable
  • Pay Sales Taxes and State Fees
  • Complete Title Transfer and Registration

Many people feel trapped between accepting a traditional dealer's low cash offer for convenience versus taking on this checklist themselves for a chance to get more money for the vehicle. An important consideration not captured by the checklist is the inherent risks and hazards associated with selling a vehicle yourself. Learn more about the dangers 

There is a lesser-known, but much smarter option available called, Automotive Retail Consignment.  Visit to learn how auto retail consignment works and to locate professional consignment dealers (Consignment Pros) near you that specialize in selling your type of vehicle.  Hand them your keys and get paid when your car, motorcycle or RV sells.  They do all 20 steps for you, and they are retail market experts, so you get more money then a traditional dealer trade-in offer.

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