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Take the Test: Sell It Myself or Use a Consignment Pro?

Take the Test

Should I sell my car, motorcycle or RV myself? To find out, take this 10-Question Quiz:

  1. Do you know the best tools to determine the value of your vehicle and where to list it?
  2. Are you comfortable inviting and meeting potential buyers (strangers) at your house, job, or a public place to show your vehicle?
  3. Do you have adequate time to answer calls, return missed calls, reply to email inquiries and text messages received at all hours of the day, any day of the week?
  4. Do you have the patience to sift through the inevitable low-ballers, trollers, scammers, unqualified shoppers (unable to get financing), and appointment no-shows to get to the serious, qualified shoppers?
  5. Are you prepared to answer questions about the vehicle's history, maintenance, and accept criticism about blemishes, normal wear and tear and features?
  6. Are you willing to let someone take your vehicle for a test drive alone, or riding in the vehicle with a stranger, asking questions, perhaps driving your vehicle a little rougher than normal?
  7. Do you have a plan for how you will handle a buyer’s request to have his/her own mechanic inspect your vehicle before making a buying decision?
  8. Do you still have an auto loan balance and lien on your car? If so, are you knowledgeable of and prepared for the complexities, lender restrictions, and hassle of working with the buyer’s lender of choice if acquiring a loan is necessary to buy your vehicle?
  9. Are you comfortable with and experienced at negotiating a fair price and terms of a sale yourself?
  10. Are you familiar with or prepared to research your state’s forms and requirements for completing everything correctly after the sale with your buyer and perhaps his/her bank?

We all have different thresholds for adventure, risk, and hands-on involvement, but if you answered "No" to 2 or more of the questions, you may want to explore the retail consignment option more and use the Retail My Ride search tool to find a Consignment Professional near you to get it done. More money, hassle-free.

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