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The Smart New Way to Sell Your Auto, RV, or Motorcycle

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About Retail My Ride

The only website 100% dedicated to "Automotive Retail Consignment"

Each year, approximately 14 million used autos, RVs and motorcycles are sold in the United States by private sellers using vehicle listing websites, social media sites and mobile apps. While these tools may provide individuals with an opportunity to get more money than traditional dealer trade-ins or lowball cash offers, one undisputed truth remains – selling a vehicle privately is a huge hassle and potential safety hazard.

Like the role a real estate company plays in home sales, using a licensed retail dealership to sell your car, RV, or motorcycle offers a much better, easier and safer option. The challenge has always been knowing or finding nearby dealerships that will sell your type of vehicle for you (on consignment) like a real estate agent does for selling your house. That is, until now.

We believe so strongly in the absolute benefits of automotive retail consignment that we created in 2017. Our mission is to build greater awareness, educate sellers and provide easy direct access to the growing nationwide community of licensed automotive retail consignment dealers. serves as a valuable tool by connecting private sellers with licensed vehicle consignment dealerships (Consignment Pros) that specialize in selling their type of vehicle, including late-model, classic, vintage, antique, custom, or exotic autos, motorcycles or RVs. Consignment Pros generally handle all parts of the retail selling process from A to Z, so sellers get the most money while eliminating the hassles and hazards associated with selling a vehicle privately. Hand them your keys, then sit back, relax and collect your money when it sells.

The Consignment Pros listed on are a unique subgroup of the more than 100,000 licensed, bonded and insured used motor vehicle retail dealerships in the United States. 

Private Sellers

  • Learn about retail consignment selling
  • Find a licensed Consignment Pro (dealership) near you
  • Enhance your overall selling experience
  • Pocket more cash

Consignment Dealerships

  • Add your free Basic listing(s) to our national directory - Sign-up Now
  • Promote your services and expertise
  • Deliver customer satisfaction
  • Develop brand recognition and loyalty
  • Grow your business
  • Become an approved "Consignment Pro"
  • Upgrade your listing(s) - enhanced plans available

Lets Do This Together

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Retail My Ride
Retail My Ride is the best place to find automotive consignment dealerships nearby that will sell your car, sell your RV, or sell your motorcycle for you. Hand them your keys, then sit back, relax and collect more money when it sells. They handle everything and you get top retail value for your vehicle.

Browse our collection of Articles, Common questions, and Testimonials. Find out What Your Vehicle is Worth Using Consignment. Search our national directory of 2,260 consignment dealerships in 48 states by zip code, city, county, or state to easily find Consignment Pros near you that specialize in selling your type of vehicle. Learn more About Us.