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Why Join Retail My Ride?

Grow your consignment inventory and profits

We are the only online platform dedicated to attracting, educating and connecting more private sellers to your dealership consignment program. Get more quality inventory, more loyal customers, a higher turn rate, and favorable margins

How Retail My Ride delivers more consignment sellers to you

  • Fresh and informative content
  • Our site is Search Engine Optimized (SEO)
  • Dealer listings are also Search Engine Optimized (SEO)
  • Leverage our unique national brand – 48 states
  • Become a trusted ‘Consignment Pro’ (dealer) with our seal of approval
  • We endorse and promote your consignment expertise on our social media pages
  • Mobile-friendly with click-to-call feature generates seller calls direct to you
  • Click-through traffic to your website increases seller interactions
  • Lead generation – receive contact and vehicle information from interested sellers

What Other Dealers Are Saying About Retail My Ride

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Don't Offer Consignment?

Are you a licensed dealer that sells used Autos, Motorcycles, or RVs but you do not currently offer consignment to private sellers?

Fill out this short form, and we will contact you to discuss How to Become a Consignment Pro. It is easier than you think, and the benefits are huge.

Note: You must be a licensed retail dealer to become a Consignment Pro.

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Retail My Ride
Retail My Ride is the best place to find automotive consignment dealerships nearby that will sell your car, sell your RV, or sell your motorcycle for you. Hand them your keys, then sit back, relax and collect more money when it sells. They handle everything and you get top retail value for your vehicle.

Browse our collection of Articles, Common questions, and Testimonials. Find out What Your Vehicle is Worth Using Consignment. Search our national directory of 2,260 consignment dealerships in 48 states by zip code, city, county, or state to easily find Consignment Pros near you that specialize in selling your type of vehicle. Learn more About Us.