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Table that shows the cost of Retail My Ride's plans
PlanBasicPremium Unleaded
 Free Sign UpSelect Premium Unleaded


You Get
Just the basics to get started.
Upgrade to Premium Unleaded anytime
Best results as a "Featured Pro" with enhanced profile, top placement and more private seller interactions
View Samples
View Samples
PricingFreeStarting at$4000/mobilled annuallyor$50/mo billed monthly
Search Result Radius
Search Result Radius50 miles 150 miles
Direct-Connects(Seller Calls, Texts, Emails, Leads)
(Seller Calls, Texts, Emails, Leads)
NoneUp to 5 Connects per month included with subscription
Additional cost per Connect
Link to Your Website
Link to Your Website
Consignment Type(s)
Consignment Type(s)
"Approved" Dealer Badge
"Approved" Dealer Badge
Descriptive Narrative
Descriptive Narrative🔒
Business Hours
Business Hours🔒
Dealership Map
Dealership Map🔒
Top Search Placement
Top Search Placement🔒
Bold & Colored Border
Bold & Colored Border🔒
"Featured Pro" Badge
"Featured Pro" Badge🔒
Company Logo
Company Logo🔒
Profile Photos
Profile Photos🔒
Social Media Links
Social Media Links🔒

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Retail My Ride
Retail My Ride is the best source for connecting with local independently owned dealerships that will sell your car, sell your RV, or sell your motorcycle for you on consignment. Simply hand them your keys, then sit back, relax and collect more money when it sells. Learn more about us.

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