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Frequently Asked Pro Questions

Retail My Ride was created by a 30-year seasoned automotive professional and fellow consignment dealer with a long term vision that goes beyond just providing another business directory. Our efforts are focused on creating a collaborative online community to bring private sellers and consignment professionals together;  a platform where professional retail consignment can thrive, grow and become the preferred selling option for millions of auto, motorcycle, and RV owners.

Our basic listing is free for all licensed dealers that offer professional consignment services. Sign Up Now

When you sign up for a listing, more private sellers will find you and use your consignment services.

How Retail My Ride Delivers More Consignment Sellers to You

  • We are the only online directory site 100% dedicated to automotive retail consignment
  • Informative and fresh content about consignment process helps sellers and dealers
  • Our site is optimized for all major search engines
  • Your profile page is also optimized to rank in search results
  • Social media presence on Twitter, Facebook
  • Mobile-friendly with Click-to-Call feature – customer calls are directed to you
  • Click-through traffic directly to your website (for claimed, basic listings)
  • Web traffic analytics for your listing

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You should list each location separately since site visitors search for consignment professionals nearest to them by Zip, City, County, State.  You may add as many additional locations as you need to our website by clicking "Add Another Listing" on the My Listings page, then complete the form, and you're done.  If you would like assistance importing several locations, please contact us and we will be glad to help. 

You can manage all locations using one user account or each of your locations can create its own user account and manage its own listing - its your choice.  

Nothing.  A basic dealer listing on Retail My Ride can be claimed or added for FreeSign Up Now

Premium listings and other paid advertising options will be available in the near future.

Yes Absolutely.  A big part of our "grow consignment" mission is to be your voice and a source of information for sellers.

We encourage you to share your consignment stories, customer testimonials, case studies and best practices and we welcome your feedback about the site.  You can include images or photos too.

Please be sure to let us know if and how you would like to be noted as site contributor (i.e., by dealership name, individual name, etc.)

Please submit material to:

Since we’re still cataloging consignment dealers in all 50 states and among the various consignment types (autos, motorcycles, RVs) and creating the first online automotive consignment community, Retail My Ride is free.

Think of this as our soft launch - no credit cards and no subscriptions required. All we ask is that you claim your page, contribute with content submissions and participate in a collaborative way for the benefit of all Consignment Pros. 

As the community grows, we will offer dealers additional listing and advertising options but our basic listing will always remain free to dealers.

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