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Become A Consignment Pro

Multiple vehicles

Free Inventory

No capital investment, no floorplan cost, and no reconditioning or repair costs.

Upward trending bar chart

Good Margins

Commission fees and cross-selling opportunities generate margins comparable to owned inventory.

Multiple people

More Customers

Two customers per consigned vehicle – Seller and Buyer. Doubles your repeat and referral business.

Turn rate

Higher Turn Rate

"Triple-Win" pricing strategy gets vehicles sold faster and generates increased buyer traffic.

Don't Offer Consignment?

Are you a licensed dealer that sells used Autos, Motorcycles, or RVs but you do not currently offer consignment to private sellers?

Fill out this short form, and we will contact you to discuss How to Become a Consignment Pro. It is easier than you think, and the benefits are huge.

Note: You must be a licensed retail dealer to become a Consignment Pro.

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