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Ryan's RV Town

12715 Hwy 99 SEverett, WA 98204
Specializing in:RVs
Language(s): English only
Hours of Operation: Mon - Sat 9:00am - 6:00pm;Sun 11:00am - 4:00pm (may vary)
About Us

We specialize in selling your RV. Here are the facts about our RV consignment program: One of our sales specialists will sit down and discuss current market conditions for RV consignments, the condition and value of your RV and will then agree on a figure that we will net you upon sale. No percentages, no storage fees, no prep fees (provided your RV does not require reconditioning prior to being ready to sell). * Ryan's RV Town Town can help potential buyers with financing. * Trade - ins are not your problem, we welcome them! * We get the unit ready for sale, and keep it washed and ready for selling. * It does not have to be paid off prior to consignment, if it is financed the loan gets paid off from the consignment proceeds. * We will pay for consignment advertising, take care of the photos and the ads. * You won´t have potential buyers calling you or showing up at your door at all hours. * It does need to be 2000 and newer and any serious defect must be taken care of prior to our offering it for sale. Our service department can solve 95% of any issues and we will make it as painless as possible. * Pick up service is available. * We request a 90 exclusive selling agreement. * When we sell it, you will have a check for your proceeds available within two business days from the time it delivers to the new owner.

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