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Three Ways to Sell Your RV: Why Consignment is Often the Overall Best

Sell my RV for Sale


If you're a proud owner of a recreational vehicle (RV) and have decided to sell it, you'll likely want to obtain the best possible price. The process of selling an RV can be overwhelming, with three options available, each with its own set of pros and cons. In this article, we'll explore the different methods for selling an RV and highlight why the consignment option stands out in most cases as the best choice for maximizing your resale dollars.

Private Sale:

Selling your RV privately involves advertising and marketing your vehicle on various platforms such as online marketplaces, social media, and classified ads. While private sales may seem enticing due to the potential for more money, they come with several real challenges.

a. Time-consuming: Handling inquiries, arranging showings, and negotiating with buyers can be time-consuming and may disrupt your daily routine.

b. Limited exposure: Finding the right buyer for your RV can be challenging as private listings have limited reach and may not attract a broad audience.

c. Haggling: Negotiating the price directly with potential buyers can be daunting and may lead to a lower final selling price.

d. Scams & Personal Harm: The internet is a dangerous place where scam artists and criminals exist to harm you in various ways. Are you willing to deal with total strangers face to face? Is the potential extra money worth the risk of identity theft, banking fraud, and theft?

Sell it to a RV Dealer:

Another option is to trade in your RV with a dealer when purchasing a new one or accept the dealer's instant cash offer based on your RV's wholesale value. While this option offers convenience, it typically results in a much lower selling price compared to private sales. Dealerships have to consider their own profit margin, and as a result, you may not get the best value for your RV.

a. Depreciation: Trade-in values are often affected by RV depreciation, meaning you may receive less than the market value.

b. Limited negotiation: Trade-in offers are usually non-negotiable, leaving little room for maximizing your profit.

c. Restricted choices: Opting for a trade-in may limit your options when purchasing a new RV, as you'll be limited to the dealerships' inventory.


Consignment offers a popular middle ground between private sales and trade-ins/cash offers providing a range of advantages for RV owners.

a. Professional expertise: Consignment dealerships employ experienced professionals who specialize in selling RVs like yours. They handle the entire sales process, including advertising, marketing, negotiations, and paperwork.

b. Broader market exposure: By leveraging their network and online platforms, consignment dealerships can expose your RV to a larger audience, increasing the chances of finding the right buyer quickly.

c. Optimal pricing: Consignment experts will evaluate your RV's market value and set an optimal selling price to attract potential buyers while ensuring you receive the highest possible profit.

d. Negotiation support: Consignment dealers have the knowledge and experience to negotiate on your behalf, ensuring you get a fair deal and potentially higher selling price.

e. Convenience: With consignment, you can avoid the hassle of handling inquiries, showings, and negotiations. The consignment dealers takes care of all the administrative tasks, leaving you free to focus on other aspects of your life.

f. Quick turnaround: Consignment dealers have the expertise and resources to sell your RV promptly, minimizing the time your vehicle sits on the market.


While selling an RV can be an overwhelming process, consignment stands out as the most advantageous option for private owners looking to maximize their resale amount. With a consignment dealership, you can rely on professionals to handle the entire process, benefit from broader market exposure, receive expert pricing guidance, and leverage their negotiation skills. By choosing consignment, you can ensure a smooth and efficient selling experience while obtaining the best possible price, at or near retail value for your RV.

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