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Dealers Take Advantage of Free Inventory with Bulk Consignment Program

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More institutional sellers are recognizing the financial rewards of selling their best vehicles in the retail marketplace using consignment dealerships versus the traditional conveyor belt approach of running everything through wholesale auctions.

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Retail My Ride announced the launch of its Bulk Retail Consignment Program, designed to provide select auto dealerships with exclusive access to institutional sellers’ best vehicles.  Retail My Ride has partnered with a large consignor company to sell their national clients’ late-model cars, trucks, and SUVs on consignment in Texas, Georgia, and Florida. Retail My Ride and its partner expect the list of states, the number of institutional sellers and the volume of eligible vehicles to grow in 2024.

If You Ain't First, You're Last

Since 2017, Retail My Ride remains the first and only online network of independent retail consignment dealerships, including Auto dealers, RV dealers and Motorcycle dealers. According to Jim Horan, Retail My Ride’s CEO and Founder, “Our efforts continue to be laser-focused on building and supporting our online community that brings all types of sellers (private and institutional) and retail consignment dealerships together; a platform where retail consignment can become the preferred selling option for millions of Auto, RV and Motorcycle owners, and a go-to source of quality free inventory for participating dealerships in 48 states.  We are very pleased with the response we are getting from private sellers, institutional sellers, and our network of dealerships who appreciate the value that our unique retail consignment sourcing platform provides.”

Bulk Consignment Program Highlights

  •      Above average vehicle condition grades
  •      Vehicles available for selection weekly
  •      Vehicles shipped to dealers Free of charge
  •      Authorized listing prices as "Great Deal"
  •      Average vehicle value $18,000 – Sweet Spot
  •      Average Turn Rate 18-20 days
  •      Earn flat “Success Fee” per vehicle sold
  •      Earn revenue on approved reconditioning
  •      Keep 100% of doc fee, F&I income, trades

Jump Onboard - Free Inventory

For additional information and to sign up for access to FREE private party cars and FREE bulk inventory, email Retail My Ride at: [email protected] or visit our website at:

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