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CarLotz Joins Retail My Ride to Source Consignment Vehicles During National Expansion

CarLotz Expansion

Welcome Aboard

Retail My Ride, the best source for finding independently owned dealerships that will sell your auto, sell your RV, or sell your motorcycle for you on consignment, is pleased to welcome CarLotz (NASDAQ: LOTZ, $LOTZ), the nation's largest consignment-to-retail used vehicle marketplace.  CarLotz joined Retail My Ride as a highly trusted ‘Featured Pro” consignment dealer group with 22 locations and more planned as part of their national expansion strategy.

Retail My Ride is thrilled to have a major industry leader like CarLotz join its unique online consignment platform. Our two companies share a common passion for delivering the unmistakable benefits of automotive retail consignment to private sellers. Retail My Ride’s mission since 2017 is to promote the auto consignment selling option and inform and connect private sellers with qualified dealerships that offer professional consignment services. We are excited about the opportunity to play a role in CarLotz’s national expansion and success in the coming years.

By joining, dealerships that offer consignment selling like CarLotz improve their overall vehicle sourcing results by:  

  • Becoming an approved ‘Consignment Pro’ dealership
  • Creating, customizing, and managing their consignment dealer listing(s)
  • Promoting their vehicle consignment expertise and professionalism
  • Activating click-through and click-to-call features that drive more private seller traffic and consignment lead referrals to their dealership.
  • Growing their inventory with quality consignment vehicles from informed sellers.

About Retail My Ride

Retail My Ride promotes the automotive retail consignment option for selling autos, RVs, and motorcycles. Through our online platform,, we attract, inform, and connect private sellers with licensed automotive dealerships in 48 states that offer professional consignment services for one or more vehicle type(s) including: late-model, classic, vintage, antique, custom, or exotic autos, RVs, motorcycles, wheelchair accessible vehicles (WAV), commercial vehicles, or trailers.

The ‘Consignment Pros’ (dealerships) listed on are licensed, independently owned used motor vehicle dealers that generally handle all parts of the retail selling process from A to Z, so sellers get the most money while eliminating the hassles and hazards associated with selling a vehicle privately. We make the vehicle consignment selling option easier and more rewarding. Private sellers learn about automotive consignment, find a local Consignment Pro dealership, enhance their overall selling experience, and pocket more cash.  At the same time, participating dealers use to advertise their consignment services, expand their customer base, source more quality vehicles, and grow their business

About CarLotz (NASDAQ: LOTZ, $LOTZ)

CarLotz is a used vehicle consignment and Retail Remarketing™ business that provides its corporate vehicle sourcing partners and retail sellers of used vehicles with the ability to access the previously unavailable retail sales channel, while simultaneously providing buyers with prices that are, on average, below those of traditional dealerships. Their mission is to create the world's greatest vehicle buying and selling experience. CarLotz operates a technology-enabled buying, sourcing, and selling model that offers a seamless omnichannel experience and comprehensive selection of vehicles, while allowing for a fully contactless end-to-end e-commerce interface that enables no-hassle buying and selling.

CarLotz proprietary Retail Remarketing™ technology also provides its corporate vehicle sourcing partners with real-time performance metrics and data analytics, along with custom business intelligence reporting that enables price and vehicle triage optimization between the wholesale and retail channels. Through its marketplace model, they generate significant value for both sellers and buyers through price, selection, and experience.

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